With You in the NICU podcast

S2, Ep 4: Meditation and postpartum support

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One of the greatest struggles in being the parent of a preterm baby is the worry. Anxiety and overwhelm are common companions of a NICU journey. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help parents process these feelings, but learning how to bring this techniques into a hospital setting can be tricky. In this episode of With You in the NICU, social worker and founder of Postpartum Support Toronto, Olivia Scobie, walks us through the differences between some of these approaches and shares a short meditation with us.

With You in the NICU is a podcast for those that care for infants in a neonatal intensive care unit. The discussions are geared toward parents of preemies, but will resonate with anyone spending time beside a NICU isolette. With You in the NICU is a project of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, with funding from presenting sponsor Natus and support from Chronically Simple. The podcast's host and producer is Jenna Morton; technical producer is Tosh Taylor.


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