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Ep. 11 - Jennifer Robson: With You In the NICU Episode Eleven

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Making space for yourself might be the biggest parenting challenge of all – but the benefits are worth the investment. NICU parents in particular can struggle with guilty feelings associated with taking time for themselves, but mother and writer Jennifer Robson makes a compelling argument as to why it’s critically important to tap into your own creativity and interests during stressful times.


With You in the NICU is a podcast for those that care for infants in a neonatal intensive care unit. The discussions are geared toward parents of preemies, but will resonate with anyone spending time beside a NICU isolette. With You in the NICU is a project of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, with funding from presenting sponsor Medela and support from AbbVie and Prolacta. The podcast's host and producer is Jenna Morton; technical producer is Tosh Taylor.


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