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Womb ASMR with Shhh Sound

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Much of the sound that reaches a foetus is a symphony of noises. The womb can be a very noisy place indeed, even in a quiet environment. These sounds help lull babies back to the very first place they found so comforting, fall asleep faster and sleep better.

The mother’s rhythmic heartbeat and breathing, the steady whoosh sounds of blood rushing through her veins, Mom's voice, her body movements, and the digestive process after lunch time are those noises that come to mind first. On top of that, we have all the sounds coming from the external world, filtered by the mother's womb as they reach the baby's ears.

We closely emulate them all, using the same gentle low-pass filtering that characterizes the mother's womb. This not only provides a faithful emulation of intra-uterine sounds, but also serves as a safeguard, protecting your newborn’s sensitive developing little ears against the harsh tones and higher frequencies.

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