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Hallowed Days

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Hello wonderful witches

Today we are talking about hallowed days, perhaps you feel a bit unenthused with your craft as it stands, I have gone back to the drawing board when it comes to my craft to figure out what I would like to work on and perhaps this episode might resound with you and where you are currently. Sometimes its simply breathing life into our current practices.

This episode is also about birthdays and their origins! I think you might be surprised like I was as to how they come about and they feel even more sacred to me now too! We look at different spells and rituals and how you can include your witchiness into the day!

Here is a link to the witch affirmations mentioned on the show - 50 Powerful Affirmations For Witches - Emily Underworld

Birthday Incantation -

”A year has come,

A year has passed,

I’ll make my birthday wish at last.

Magick powers old and new,

Make my birthday wish come true!”

Credit to the following websites for their help with this episode -

World of

Dwell in Magic

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Thank you for listening!

Lots of witchy love

Carly xx

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