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The Strength of wellness - Trudy Northcott

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On this episode of the strength of wellness, Trudy joins us from New Zealand. She is the NZ’s first and foremost biohacker and has her own supplement range Trust by Trudy. We discuss at length the initial and free steps to start on the journey of Biohacking, how to regain that lost energy and the things she does to prepare for the stages of life ahead.

05:56:11 - top free things to do to start biohacking

6:00:00 - Sleep.

9:33:00 - Sunlight

11:36:09 - Exercise

12:09:02 - Water

13:57:00 - Community

The not so affordable things that really change the game:

24:13:12 - Red Light Dr Hisharm

27:14:15 - Infrared Sauna

30:50:21 - Braintap and neural feedback


32:54:05 - How Trudy got into making her own Supplements

35:09:11 - Iodine, Magnesium, Wonder Woman.

40:15:24 - Buckminster fuller C60.

41:00:00 - Biocharged - Ozonated Olive Oil

42:20:01 - The Importance of the Mouth Microbiome.

44:37:15 - The one thing that has bough Trudy the most energy in her day.

Dr Micheal Breus - The Power of When - understanding your circadian rhythm.

Trust by Trudy -

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