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Cosmic Parenting with Dr. Jennifer Freed

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In this episode, I had a conversation with Dr. Jennifer Freed, the bestselling author of Use Your Planets Wisely and a renowned psychological astrologer and social and emotional education trainer. She has spent over thirty years consulting clients and businesses world wide on psychological, spiritual, and educational topics.

A few years ago I read her bestseller, A Map to Your Soul, and completely fell in love with my introduction to astrology through her book. She is a wise soul who knows exactly how to integrate astrology into your everyday life. She has a new product called “Cosmic Parenting” that is a birth chart for kids, adults, and families to learn about each other. We talk through a lot of different topics on this episode and you won’t want to miss it! 

Here’s what we talk about with Dr. Freed: 

  • How psychology and astrology are a practical blending of healing and transformation. 
  • The process of creating the “Cosmic Parenting” card deck to help families have a neutral and enjoyable way to learn about each other. 
  • Using the cards to be a conversation starter with curiosity as the spark.
  • How to utilize the “Cosmic Parenting” card deck as a tool to look at the different parts of yourself and have a playful investigation with the ones you love. 
  • The necessity of constructive criticism to grow strong kids and families.
  • Dr. Freed helps Albiona understand her birth chart.
  • Feeling the freedom in parenting when you can say “I made a mistake.” 
  • Teaching kids that failure and losing is a part of the process of getting better and more resilient in all aspects of life. 

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