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S.3 Ep.13: Marcos Zelada-Rodas - Political Activism in California

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Join me as I sit down with Marcos Zelada-Rodas to discuss political activism in California and censorship in education. We explore how censorship manifests in schools and universities, its impact on students and teachers, and what can be done to resist censorship attempts. Zelada-Rodas also discuss the role of political activism in pushing back against censorship and the need for continued vigilance on this issue. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the politics of education or censorship in general.

Zelada-Rodas served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army and has been involved with conservative activism and bringing the fight for traditional values to Southern California. He has been involved with many organizations such as Turning Point USA, the Freedom Foundation, and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. He currently serves as President of Turning Point USA chapters and is on the state board for the RNHA. Recently Marcos worked for education reform alongside Lance Christensen and Richard Grenell ( Former Ambassador to Germany and Former Acting Director of National Intelligence ). Zelada-Rodas has appeared on OANN, The Daily Caller, FOX LA, Telemundo, Turning Point Live, PragerU, TBN, Campus Reform, and more to discuss his activism, fighting the radical left, and public policy that will save America.

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