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The AIP Diet, Healing Auto Immune Challenges, and Illness OCD

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In this episode I am speaking with Mitch Hankins, founder of Mitch was diagnosed with a very serious health condition, that was likely going to require very serious treatment options. Through his research and perseverance, Mitch navigated the modern health mine field of information and mis-information to find an approach which allowed him to live well and happily through natural means. Our conversation ranges from:

  • discussions on the AIP Diet
  • the effect of stress as a silent killer
  • the unspoken problem in the alternative health community of Orthorexia
  • the power of meditation and inner development for lasting well-being
  • what it really means to be healthy

Today's guest is Mitch. Mitch is a husband, cat dad, author, health coach, yogi, paleo/AIP enthusiast, and your guide at

Your host is Ryan. Ryan Kurczak is a Kriya Yoga Meditation teacher. He has written several books on Kriya Yoga Meditation and other metaphysical topics. Ryan offers 2 year Kriya Yoga Meditation online learning intensives through

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Resources Mitch Mentioned in This Podcast

The free "mini course" I mentioned where I talk about "Illness OCD":   Books I recommend to help with Emotional Healing:   A truly fantastic book to help address disordered eating (don't be fooled by the name - this is a truly profound book!):   Blog post - Emotional Meanings Behind Autoimmune Conditions:    The 'Other 20%' blog post I mentioned:   The Career book I mentioned: 


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