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Lord Barwell - Russia's War on Ukraine

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Policy Exchange is hosting a series of podcasts on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its broader consequences.  In this episode Michael Mosbacher asks Rt Hon Lord (Gavin) Barwell – Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Theresa May from 2017 - 2019 – about how No 10 responds to a sudden crisis:

What happens at No 10 when there is a sudden crisis?

Using Skripal as case study. Then what decisions will be made where in such a crisis/Department vs No 10. Has British intelligence focus enough on threats from Russia?

Did we do enough after the Skripal poisonings?

What else did we consider doing? Should we have boycotted the 2018 World Cup in Russia, just months after the Skripal poisonings?

Was this considered. Russia has been heavily involved in in the Syrian civil war, supporting Assad.

Did Russia's role in opposing ISIS in Syria mean we somewhat pulled our punches in dealing with Russia elsewhere?

Was the potential threat and corrupting influence of oligarchs in London taken seriously enough in your time at No 10?

What more should we have done?

Did No 10 take seriously the possibility that in light of Skripal poisonings, other deaths of Russian and Russian connected figures in London might have involved the FSB. Is it worth reopening these cases?

In your time at No 10 was a full Russian invasion of one of its non-Nato neighbours war gamed?

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