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The Relationship Between Greed and Attachment

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In this episode of the Death Dhamma podcast, the theme of attachment is explored in the context of how it brings us suffering. The episode begins by discussing the concept of craving and how it leads to clinging, which is the root of suffering. The three fires or poisons of greed, hatred, and confusion are discussed as the sources of our need for clinging and aversion. The teachings emphasize the importance of extinguishing these fires and avoiding these poisons to achieve liberation.

The episode also delves into the idea of unskillful desire or attachment, and how it can manifest in different ways, such as hoarding, lying, cheating, or stealing. The teachings do not suggest that we should never want something, but rather that it is important to be mindful of how we crave or cling to things. The way to overcome greed, according to the teachings, is through generosity.

The episode includes passages from the Dhammapada and the Samyuutta Nikaya, highlighting the importance of conquering anger, badness, stinginess, and lying with lack of anger, good, a gift, and truth respectively. Generosity is emphasized as one of the ten perfections or qualities to be developed on the path to reaching enlightenment not for personal gain.

Overall, this episode offers insightful teachings on attachment and ways to overcome unskillful desire and attachment. Through mindfulness and generosity, we can achieve liberation and live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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