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Letting Go of Constructed Selves: From Margaret’s Attachment Journal

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In this episode of the Death Dhamma podcast, Margaret Meloni explores the concept of attachment, clinging, and aversion. She asks listeners to consider how they define themselves and whether they will let go of certain constructed versions of themselves. She shares two personal experiences of letting go of past versions of herself, including one where she clung to her identity as a computer programmer when teaching project management. She was reminded by a student that what mattered was whether she was the right person to teach the subject matter, not her past credentials.

Margaret also shares her experience of letting go of her identity as a wife and caregiver after her husband passed away. She reflects on how difficult it was to redefine herself without the context of her relationship with her husband. She notes that it takes time to rediscover oneself and to reflect on values, interests, and goals without the influence of someone who has passed away.

Throughout the episode, Margaret emphasizes the impermanence of self and the importance of letting go of attachments to prevent suffering and dissatisfaction. She encourages listeners to reflect on what they are hanging onto and to let go of constructed selves that no longer serve them. The episode provides a thought-provoking reflection on attachment and the journey of self-discovery.

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