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Journaling to Uncover Craving and Clinging in Everyday Life

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What is the difference between craving and clinging? Craving is wanting. I want something.

Looking back on the past few days, here are some of the things I have craved:

Coffee, chocolate and other specific foods, solitude, time with friends, - yes, I crave both alone time and time with some of my special people, and when that gets out of balance, so do I. That in itself is probably worthy of future exploration. The reality is that this idea of balance that I have created for myself is not always going to be sustainable.

Today, let’s continue with craving and clinging.

 We crave forms - sounds - odors - flavors - tangible objects - mind objects.

Clinging means to hang on to something, to not want something to end. Or to be unwilling to let go of an idea or a practice or a thing.

 Four things we cling to - sensual pleasures, views, rituals and observances, and self, or thoughts of who we are.

And today let's discuss how that recently came together for Margaret Meloni, as she shares a section from her attachment journal.

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