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Finding Peace Through Letting Go: Navigating the Journey of Life and Death

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In this episode, Margaret delves into the concept of leaving things unfinished. We all do it, whether it's a to-do list or a long-term goal that we never quite achieved. But what about the ultimate unfinished task: death? We can find peace in the face of our own mortality by letting go of our attachments and being ready to leave at any time.

Margaret shares a touching story of a family friend who found closure before passing away. His wife realized he was having a hard time letting go of life, so she arranged for his missing siblings to say their goodbyes over the phone. Miraculously, they all got through on the first try, and he passed away peacefully just a few minutes later.

When possible, provide a peaceful environment for your loved ones who are dying, by supporting them on their journey and allowing them the freedom to let go. And live well, by following the Noble Eightfold path and being aware of what you are carrying around. By resolving your own issues, you can find peace and let go of your attachments, leaving you with less clinging, resistance, and aversion when it's time to pass on.



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