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Dr. Seth Zuihō Segall: The Myth of the Unattached Path

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There was once a man who gave away his children in order to prove that he could master letting go. When his wife returned home, she thought his approach made sense. But does it?

What is it we attach to? We attach to sensual pleasures, ideas and views, rites and rituals, and our view of ourselves. Dr. Segall reminds us that for the most part, we are not told that we cannot be attached to people.

It is about the intention behind those attachments. Human beings need other human beings to flourish. Together we discuss how life depends on attachment.

And Seth reminds us all that there is a positive side to impermanence. As things change, on the way to let go, we grieve. (In case you wondered what all of this has to do with Death Dhamma.) In fact, Seth shares his own path to embracing the changes in his life and in his relationship with who he is today.

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