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Cayce Howe: Insights into Attachment and Compassion Fatigue

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In this episode of the Death Dhamma podcast, host Margaret Meloni, interviews Cayce Howe, a Dharma teacher and co-founder of Sustainable Caring. They discuss the topic of attachment, which is a key component of Buddhism and can lead to suffering if not managed properly. Cayce explains that the energy of compassion is endless, but when we become attached to a specific outcome, we may experience what is commonly known as compassion fatigue. However, Cayce argues that this fatigue is not caused by an exhaustion of compassion but rather by an attachment to a particular result.

Cayce also discusses the importance of wisdom in managing attachment, particularly the wisdom of impermanence and interdependence. He emphasizes the need to focus on our efforts toward kindness and compassion without becoming attached to specific outcomes or results. This can lead to greater resilience in caring for ourselves and others.

Margaret brings up the issue of systemic factors that can contribute to fatigue and exhaustion, particularly in the healthcare industry. Cayce acknowledges these challenges and emphasizes that while it is important to work towards changing these external factors, we can still work on managing our internal attachment and cultivating compassion in our daily lives.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the Buddhist concept of attachment and how it relates to our experiences of compassion and fatigue. It also highlights the importance of mindfulness and wisdom in managing attachment and finding resilience in challenging circumstances.

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