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Breaking Down Attachment: Exploring Greed and Liberating the Mind with Dave Smith

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Margaret Meloni has a  conversation with Dave Smith of Dave Smith Dharma ( about the common misunderstanding that attachment is the same as non-attachment or detachment when it is actually closer to the Pali word "loba", which translates to "greed". Dave explains how greed is unethical and unskillful and can lead to sacrificing one's own values and morals to acquire something, leading to suffering. 

 The conversation also touches on the "three fires" of greed, hatred, and confusion, which the Buddha discussed and which do not lead to contentment. Dave explains that Upadana, which means to cling and grasp, also means to fuel, and that one must stop putting fuel on the fires of greed, hatred, and confusion in order to be liberated. The speakers explore ways to counteract greed, such as practicing generosity

Dave wisely encourages listeners to question the teachings and language they hear and to trust that if something doesn't feel right, there may be another way. 

Dharma practice is something that is available to everyone, regardless of comfort level or age, and can be cultivated in everyday life.

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