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5. Evening the Heart

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Back from a short break! Now that we know all about the 心 xīn, heart & mind, in this episode Master Gu and Eli talk about how to make—and keep—that 心 xīn 平 píng: even. Balanced. Steady. Why? Because many physical ailments start with an uneven heart. And because the more hearts are even, the closer we come to world peace. 心平,气和, xīn píng, qì hé: heart even, Qi harmonious. Master Gu explains how to meditate and why it does not have to be a scary, hard thing. Instead, practising tranquility can be joyful. We start with Chapter 16 of the Tao Te Ching, the text of which is included in the transcription. And we end with a short meditation in which you can take part. Find Master Gu at www.taoistwellness.com.

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