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27 Love, Sex, and Processing Grief with Emily Thiroux Threatt

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Grief is a challenging emotion and an even more challenging topic to discuss. Today's guest Emily Thiroux Threatt has grappled with grief after the loss of not one, but two husbands who both died of congestive heart failure. After facing her grief head-on, Emily managed to come out on the other side happier than she has ever been. She even wrote a book on her experiences to help others overcome the challenges of grieving the loss of a loved one.

In this episode, Emily and I talk about the intrinsic value in getting curious about challenges we face. We also talk about her addiction to writing down things she is grateful for and why she is so insistent that we should be open to invitations.

Emily Thiroux Threatt is an author, founder, and CEO of the Grief and Happiness Alliance where she helps people navigate through grief by practicing Happiness Techniques.

Listen in to learn about the many forms of grief, how to comfort a loved one who is grieving, and how life changes after the death of a spouse.

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