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When being sober feels hard........... And how to bring back the magic!

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Often we start our sobriety journey full of hope, motivation and inspiration but can struggle when being sober feels hard, which it often does, because, well that’s life! There will be difficult times to negotiate, challenges to overcome and hard days to get through. Maybe we get bored or the whole thing feels boring. Perhaps we are feeling good and the thought of celebrating or enjoying happy times without alcohol feels the hardest of them all.

Staying on track and keeping that inspiration and motivation flowing, means turning to your tools and leaning into what you know works for you which will carry you through until you come out the other side, because you will.

I want to help you find the magic of sobriety and get back on track. I want to help you take that first step with the tools, guidance and support you need to feel magical in sobriety.

October is just around the corner, the most magical time of year, and there is no better time to recoonect to the magic within and feel good again in sobriety.

Listen for my top tips on how to feel better, how to lift yourself up in an instant and how to have a magical month of sobriety. Plus, a fabulous workbook to keep you on track

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