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What Are You Choosing, Really?

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In this episode, I explore why it is that we so often push our dreams and desires to the bottom of the list and whether intentionally or not, we choose to do something, anything, other than the things we really want to do. What are the reasons why we put off doing the things we most want to do, the things that really light us up and bring us joy?

It doesn’t matter if it’s quitting drinking, writing a book, learning to skate or starting an exercise practice, why are our excuses so often stronger than our desires and why do we let them run the show?

This episode is taking an honest look at ourselves without judgement and asking "what are you choosing, really?"

While it might be painful to look at it, once we know what is going on behind the scenes, or under the surface we can then begin to do something about it.

And it all starts with one simple thing........

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