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Four Years of Sobriety - An Interview with My Husband An Ex Beer Monster!

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My husband was a beer monster, his words! For us, wine o'clock was beer o'clock and then quickly became anything we can get hold of o'clock! When my husband quit drinking four years ago, it came as a shock to me as it seemed to happen out of the blue. The day after, I quit too. In March we celebrated four years of sobriety together and had planned to record this episode for you by way of celebration! However, in April, my husband suffered a stroke and it has taken a while for him to get back on his feet. But, back on his feet, he is and feeling strong enough to chat to me all about his sober journey, why he quit, how he quit, what keeps him motivated, what he has done with the time and money saved and everything in between! Grab a cuppa and listen in as we chat about the past for years and our lives together as an alcohol-free husband and wife team!

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