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January is a really good month to ease into sobriety. And not because we have magical powers on January first that allow us to suddenly be able to build new habits, and not because everyone else is doing a dry January but because January is a nice month, I feel, to slow down, take it easy and find your way. January can feel like an awful month to do this, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, it is cold and wet, grey and miserable, you might be recovering from Christmas and feeling a bit sad to be leaving the magic and sparkle of the holidays behind. But it is for the same reason, that January can be a perfect month for your sober journey.

It is about going inwards, building a strong foundation, leaning into discomfort, tuning into to what is working for us as individuals and finding our way. The only way to do that is to take your time, do the work on yourself, dig deep, and yes take it slowly and ease into things.

This is how I embraced my own sober journey and I'm here to help you do the same.

I share my top tips and how taking it slowly can help you to ease into your sobriety and have a joyful January.

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