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Change your Thinking, Change your Drinking

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Change your thinking, change your drinking is a powerful concept. This podcast episode is going to help you see how your thoughts have been affecting your behaviour and emotion and perhaps keeping you stuck in the negative thinking loop and therefore stuck in the drinking loop too. By simply changing your thinking though, you can literally change everything, including your drinking.

You will discover
How your thoughts have formed your beliefs
Your thoughts and therefore your beliefs are not necessarily the truth
How to find evidence to support more positive thoughts
How to stop negative thoughts from bringing you down
practical tips to encourage more positive thinking
Simple daily activities to change your mindset for powerful results

This podcast, which you can listen to below, has been inspired by some conversations I’ve been having with my one-to-one clients lately so listen in for a taste of what coaching with me feels like and be prepared to change how you think, and consequently feel, about quitting drinking.

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