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003: Dr No (Part 2) - Dialling into the Cues

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We're back to wrap up our look at the Dr No. soundtrack - this time delving deeper into the cues themselves. * Who really sang Mango Tree and why are there several people claiming it? * Did you know one cue on the soundtrack often labelled as "not used in the film" actually WAS used in the French print? Gergely shocks us by revealing which. * We take a closer look into the origin of the "bleeps and blops" of the opening credits * Is Monty Norman actually a genius for incorporating subtle Chinese references into his writing? Join us to find out! We'll be returning for one more month to Dr No next month with a double part release on the James Bond Theme - the court case and the orchestration and composition. Don't forget to leave us a review and if you enjoy it, please recommend it to someone else who might...

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