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Political correctness?? with Nelly Cyprichova📣💡

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The more innovative and "developed" societies become, the more complex the issues within them -

and today every issue seems to make its way to span the globe, asking for ever more complex solutions to ever more confusing problems that

seem to be well stocked.

Have we become too innovative for our own species to handle the issues that arise from all the developments?

Or have many societies reached a point of so much wealth and comfort that we are now simply creating problems? - or innovations first, that create problems to then have to solve them?

Thinking about this too long feels like mentally doing the splits on a bicycle, but me and Nelly really had the need to try and unpack this and through honest conversation get closer to some of the root causes and closer to core truths (if there are any).

*disclaimer here: many issues touched on in this podcast might be misinterpreted, not all you say in a flow of conversation is completely 100 % refined and planned or will be understood by a third party exactly as it was meant since use of language differs and is spontaneous in a flow of conversation + just because we don't agree with the craziness, confusion and division sown around different topics does not mean we don't agree they are generally important or that all people (unless they show they deserve otherwise) should be treated with respect and kindness*

We touch on the topics like political correctness and political affiliation, identity markers and the issues that arise form putting people into categories and boxes that overlook all other facets and nuances that we humans bring with us.

We try to discover if it were the case that we could strap away much of the BS and generally treat one another and earth with respect - could we begin focusing on the things we KNOW fulfil the basic, biological needs of human beings, the things that are important to ALL of us...?

🎨👨🏼‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾community, collaboration, working and living with the rhythms of nature, connection, intellectual pursuit and conversation, creativity, self-sufficiency, family, realization of physical and intellectual potential, exploration...🥗🍉🥦🌳🥀

We invite you to try and listen to this Talk as a neutral observer - to see where it takes all of us and not let it quickly confirm a bias or highlight disagreement -- then literally or figuratively open your eyes at the end of the Talk and see where your mind is at and which pathways of thinking it has taken you on🌼

maybe this approach could be an antidote for all of us in this time where quick judgement and narrow categorization of people and information is very prevalent

Thank you for listening to this Talk🌍☀🌊

which came alive through the voices of

Nelly Cyprichova

and your host Stella Sage🌿

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