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Melissa Chappell on holistic birthing 👼🏽🌱

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-Midwifery care that bridges the sacred and the scientific-

Melissa Chappell has been helping babies enter this world in holistic ways for many years and is a vessel of knowledge when it comes to preserving the naturally induced physiological state women go into during the birth process that is vital for a natural birthing scenario.

She got her licensure in 2016 and opened her first birth birth center in 2018. She has since opened another birth center and with her team served over 500 families!

Melissa has had the opportunity to travel the world doing birth work in Haiti, Costa Rica, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

She is a wonderful person to speak and listen to, full of knowledge and love for the process of birth and connecting it back to its natural roots.

In this episode we debunk some myths surrounding birth that are very common.

Melissa talks us through some of the ways of how the setting for a safe, holistic delivery can be created and why she isn't a fan of in-hospital births if not absolutely necessary.

We speak about the importance of re-establishing trust.

In oneself in earthly processes, the knowledge that birth is natural to us and that our body knows how to navigate it if we let it.

Partially, this episode was very emotional.

Honestly, although it is a long way ahead, I could already picture myself feeling very safe under Melissa's guidance to support my own birth process one day.

🦋If you are located in Provo or Utah county and feel called to contact Melissa to have her and her Team guide you on your path to and through a holistic birth process, find her website here

You have been wanting to take a doula or widwifery training? Great news! Melissa offers courses to carry on this sacred knowledge and practice👼🏼🌱

Thank you for listening to this Talk☀🌊🌍

which came alive through the voices of

Melissa Chappell

and your host Stella Sage🌿

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