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John Fullerton - the 8 principles of a regenerative economy🌱💰

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John Fullerton imagines a world where we are not breaking the planet's boundaries with our economics.

He argues that we have a superbly functioning model of living systems around us, which is regenerating all the time, that we could orientate ourselves toward.

In this episode we Talk about clear design principles and processes that are important for us to consider in order to create a global regenerative economy.

To read more about John's ideas feel free to dive into the 8 principles of a regenerative economy

After a 20 year career as a managing director on Wall Street, John has seen the violence that can occur when it comes to the world of finance and business.

We Talk about the mindset shift that happened for him and his path to exploring alternatives to the neoclassical economy.

Does it work to speak to the consciousness of investors and shareholders alike?

If we offer different alternatives that align more with natural rhythms will they be welcomed or do people stick to what they know?

What does the regenerative economy look like, respecting cultural, geological and other differences?

Possibly you will find an example of a regenerative economy at your town's very own farmers market

which in John's eyes already IS the regenerative economy 🥦🍉🌼

"We're not going to have one model that everyone replicates. There will be expressions of this that will happen organically all over the world."

📣We want to encourage you to ask yourselves and family members the question: "What does a regenerative economy look like, to me?"

At first it can be a micro economy only including your own household or a small town - if you like you can go national or even global.

✉Fell free to share visions in the Q & A section of this episode

Thank you for listening to this Talk☀🌊🌍

which came alive through the voices of

John Fullerton

and your host Stella Sage🌿

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