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The 4 Stages of Learning - Why many mountain bikers get stuck in "Idiot Valley" #008

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Learning MTB Skills - and in fact the acquisition of any skill (or knowledge) - involves 4 stages. The transition from stage 1 to 2 is the most crucial step - but often our ego, our experience or our current skill level stops us from reaching stage 2, which then of course entirely keeps us from ever reaching stage 3 or 4. And then, there is still the "Valley of Comfort" which I have deliberately named "Idiot Valley" to provoke thought In this episode MTB Skills Coach and Mental Trainer Roxy explores why seasoned riders often hit a plateau in their skills, why learning skills CAN be frustrating, how to work your way through this frustration and WHY it's worth doing so! Learning to Mountain Bike and Skills Mastery is a process - and this model may help you way beyond mountain biking.

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