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Feet flying off pedals in gnarly terrain? Is clipping in the solution? #009

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Losing contact to your flat pedals? "Just ride clipless pedals!" But is it really that easy? In this episode MTB Coach Roxy looks at some causes for riders' feet slipping off the pedals and how to correct these errors - and of course WHY you should do so, if you would like to become a well-rounded mountain biker. Also, you will find out why you should NOT drop your heels as a default, why your feet are not staying connected to the pedals, how to use flat pedals to become a better rider, a common reason for front wheel washouts in corners, and why using clipless pedals/clipping in does NOT solve the cause of the "problem". Also, you will hear about how riding clipless pedals too early (or for the wrong reasons) may limit your safety and progress in the long run.

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Here is deeper info about some points mention in this podcast:

Why place your foot in front of the axle: 

Scientific research showing no significant increase in efficiency of clipless pedals vs. flat pedals: 

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