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Mycelium Gastronomy on the ethics of food innovation

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Estefania Simon-Sasyk is a Michelin-trained chef. After leading kitchens across Asia, South America, and Europe, her desire to make a broader impact led her to founding the innovation and new product development consultancy Mycelium Gastronomy

Mycelium takes a unique approach to innovation management focusing on ethics and diversity of perspective to tackle critical issues around health, sustainability, and regional economic development.

Join Analisa Winther and Estefanis as they discuss the ethics of new product development and agrifood innovation.

What we cover:

  • The next frontier for corporate innovation 

  • How Estefania went from working in Bali to the Basque Culinary Center and then founding Mycelium Gastronomy.

  • The importance of collaboration to create lasting impact
  • Inter-generational framework for innovation 
  • Innovation, diversity, and long-term thinking in organizational decision-making.
  • Why lived experiences is the new google 

  • Aligning business and social impact in a corporate environment

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Mycelium Gastronomy on the ethics of food innovation

About Analisa Winther

Analisa Winther is an ecosystem developer, consultant, and coach in the agrifood industry. Analisa advises corporations on where to partner and invest in the agrifood space and coaches startup founders helping them to attract the right investors and create their career.

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Show Host: Analisa Winther

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