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How to Start Angel Investing in ClimateTech

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A few months ago, I was interviewed by Yoann Berno for his podcast Climate Insiders to talk about how I put together deals between startups and investors.

The conversation went so well that he then invited me back on his show to interview him about his backstory, which turned into a great conversation on how anyone can start angel investing in ClimateTech with food and agtech falling under this umbrella.

I've been angel investing for the last few years in startups in Europe and the US. I started angel investing because I wanted to know what it was like to have skin in the game. While I work for investors helping them to find deals related to the future of food, this work has always been with someone else's money. Actually stepping into the role of investor was a learning curve with its own risks and upsides. This is what Yoann Berno and I debunk in this episode as we share our personal experiences detailing how we went from VC to angel investing.

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