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Analisa Winther on the future food revolution

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Changing the food system to meet the UN’s environmental goals could generate close to $10 trillion of additional revenue or cost savings.

This is a massive opportunity that will require unprecedented collaboration, new business models, technologies, and a fundamental shift in how we think about and interact with our food system.

In this episode, Analisa shares part of a keynote she delivered for EIT Food Sales Booster in cooperation with Katalista Ventures on the future of agriculture. You will hear how our food system got to where it is today, where we are headed, and why food is one of the most exciting industries to be working and investing in today.

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Looking for a speaker for your next event? Analisa Winther is a frequent speaker, MC, and workshop facilitator on the future of food. Whether in person or virtual, she brings high energy and a deep knowledge of the agrifood industry to the stage. Check out her portfolio and booking information here.

About Analisa Winther

Analisa Winther is an ecosystem developer, consultant, and coach in the food industry. Analisa advises corporations on where to partner and invest in the agrifood space. Analisa is also a coach to startup founders helping them to attract the right investors and individuals to create their career.

Website: www.analisawinther.com

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Show Host: Analisa Winther

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