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Episode 78 - Where Does Our Fat Go When We Lose Weight

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In this episode we will be looking at another thing about our body that's important to know. And today we're gonna have a see of what actually happens to our body fat when we get leaner or lose weight. Because all we ever hear about from the fitness industrial complex and western culture when it comes to weight loss is that we should do that. We need to have less body fat to be "attractive", "healthy", "fit", "athletic" or whatever. But the concept of losing weight is pretty vague. What actually is happening in our bodies when we do reduce the amount of body fat that we have? It's like this information isn't important at all. The only important thing here is the aesthetic result of weight loss. If you have any questions about this episode or would like to learn about how we may be able to support you, you can go to and send us a message. If you're enjoying the show and know other folks that may find some benefit in having a listen, I'd be so grateful if you shared it with them or anywhere else where you think that it could help someone.

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