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Robin Standefer & Stephen Alesch | More Than One Thing with Athena Calderone

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Husband and wife Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer are two of the most prolific and acclaimed designers of our time. Their firm, Roman and Williams, has designed iconic spaces like the Boom Boom Room, The Ace Hotel and more. Recently, their curatorial brilliance has expanded into the retail and restaurant emporium RW Guild. But on their journey to the top of the industry, Robin and Stephen have forgone traditional schooling and career paths to instead follow the road less traveled. Today, they are gardeners, draftsmen, ceramicists, architects, set designers, artists, and storytellers whose boundless creativity continues to pour into new mediums. Tune in to hear about walking out of exams, having the courage to ask the “dumb questions,” and the importance of trusting in yourself wholeheartedly. This episode of More Than One Thing is for those with curious souls, open minds, and a hearty appetite to learn by doing. As Stephen and Robin say, “believing in what you love will take you there.”

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