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S2 Ep5: Exceptional PTSD Sleep Hypnosis Session (2022 Update!)

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This session has now finally been redone for those of you that are fighting back against PTSD. You don't have to be in pain. You can win the battle against PTSD in your sleep with this PTSD sleep hypnosis session. This will first help you relax into a peaceful subconscious realm of higher understanding. No more anxiety from the past.

You will be able to let go of the stress and pain and finally begin to heal. You will heal yourself further each time you practice this session. Let go of PTSD forever. You a powerful and strong. You deserve to feel whole again.  

***All photos and videos used were shot by Meditation Station (Mr. J Black)

You can fly, teleport, and even create with lucid dreaming guided meditation. All we need next is a multiplayer mode! :)  - Mr. J Black

Mr. J Black is not a doctor or therapist. Please make sure you consult a professional for medical advice. Guided meditation and hypnosis is not magic. It works with you but you must accept hypnotic suggestions and give them permission to manifest in order to feel the complete benefit of their effects.

Sleep hypnosis is a practice like any form of meditation. It can have an immediate effect on you but it often takes time and practice. We are complex spiritual beings and requires a lot of regular defragmentation in order to maintain a healthy body and positive mindset.

Use your session for 30 days or more usually while you sleep. It doesn't matter at what point you fall asleep or if you remember the words being suggested to you. These sessions are safe for you and effective for most. Use headphones to experience the effects of the binaural frequencies in these session. But headphones are not mandatory.

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