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Jasper Driessens and Garm Lucassen: Glo Dollar & extreme poverty | Martin Skadal podcast #14

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Thank you Jasper, Gram, and to everyone listening and watching!

- Timestamps -

00:00 - Intro

00:54 - What Jasper and Garm Do

02:16 - How Glo Dollar Works

06:30 - How the Idea of Glo Dollar Started

10:08 - Why Printing More Money Is Not Feasible

13:31 - Donation-Based Philanthropy

16:18 - The Next Steps of Glo Dollar

24:04 - How To Buy Glo Dollar

27:37 - On Growing the Glo Dollar Team

29:07 - Glo Dollar’s Funding

30:10 - How Glo Started With Three People

32:04 - Future Vision of Glo Dollar

38:01 - The Pros and Cons For Brands

39:47 - Why Make Donations Through Glo

47:10 - How Secure Is Glo Dollar

52:51 - Source Recommendations

55:09 - Last Thoughts and Outro

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- Glo Dollar's Whitepaper:

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