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Regenerative Agriculture - Sustaining Livelihoods, Uplifting Communities, and Safeguarding Health

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David LeZaks, a Senior Fellow at the Croatan Institute, and David Strelneck, founder of Nourish, join us on the Lookfar Podcast to discuss the opportunities for farmers and the benefits for the public of regenerative agriculture. LeZaks and Strelneck tell us about the different dimensions of regenerative agriculture, discussing ecological, economic, social, and cultural drivers and ways in which new technology platforms could revolutionize price discovery and market access, including through an initiative they’re working on called New Food Marketplace. We then dive into the benefits of regenerative agriculture for nature, people, and the economy, and how the United States and Europe can learn from regenerative systems that have been implemented in the Global South. Make sure to listen until the end where David LeZaks takes us to ‘the dark matter of food’. The Food Marketplace project is a collaboration between The Croatan Institute, Nourish, MarketSquare, and the Bionutrient Food Association. See links below for more information. New Food Marketplace rewards farmers for the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture  Croatan Institute Nourish MarketSquare Bionutrient Food Association

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