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Joekub - agile, life and monkeys


Joe Auslander and Jakub Jurkiewicz are agile coaches living in New Zealand. They like to get together and engage in conversations about agile, life and monkeys. Sometimes they record these conversations and publish them in this podcast. Theme music by Matt Farely of Motern Media

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  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Books with Paul Salmon - PaJoekub #3 - Episode 45


    Paul Salmon joins us once again to share with us a plethora of reading options as we go into the holiday season! Do you want great books about delivery and leadership? Well you're in luck! This episode is packed full of them. Leadership Is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don't by L. David Marquet Finite and Infinite Games – January 5, 2013 by James Carse Was the basis for: The Infinite Game – October 15, 2019 by Simon Sinek Security Chaos Engineering, Free (requires registration) Some books I am looking forward to reading: DevOps handbook 2nd Ed - Out today. Ron Westrum's upcoming book on information flow in organisations (date not announced) Previous work: Ron’s paper - A typology of organisational cultures Podcast - Patterns of Generative Cultures: How They Can Be Destroyed and the Importance of Trust (long ~2 hours ) The collaboration of Gene Kim and Steven Spear around organisational structure and dynamics. Previous Work Steven Spear - High Velocity Edge Podcast - The Topography of Problems, and the Importance of Distributed Problem Solving (1 hour) Paul’s Goodreads --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Pete Lim - an agile coach at Miro - Episode 44


    Hey Joekub-tonians! This episode has Jakub and Joe jumping over to the Bay Area in San Fran to talk with Pete Lim, principal agile coach at Miro. In true Joekub fashion, our conversation takes twists and turns as we learn about what led Pete to agile coaching, what it is like being an agile coach at a company known for distributed facilitation, and what Miro culture is like (do they even have offices?). We also learn about whether Miro has an incentive programme for naming your first born "Miro". Pete is an excellent storyteller and gives us a great perspective of working as a coach in a hybrid, together/distributed world. --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

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  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Career changes, from agile coach to... - Episode 43


    Wei Hsiao has had a variety of careers. Lawyer, Software Tester, Agile Coach, and recently he's moved from agile coaching into people management as acting GM of Enterprise Software Delivery. Jakub & Joe take some time to understand what made Wei want to leave coaching and what skills from coaching he's brought with him. This is a great episode for any agile coaches who wonder about what lies beyond coaching and if (& how) the skills they've developed on their journey can help them with a new adventure. If you are interested in reaching out to Wei, he is best contacted through LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Simon Wardley & Chris Daniel - Strategy - Episode 42


    This Episode Joekub tackles the elusive topic: STRATEGY Simon Wardley (inventor of Wardley Mapping) & Chris Daniel (Strategy guru)  Join Jakub and Joe on the hunt for what a good strategy is, does, and looks like.  They explore topics like:  • Is a strategy just a few lines of text? • Do you even need a strategy? • Can anyone make a strategy? • How to use Wardley Maps to be excommunicated from your business (and also how not to)  Jakub and Joe got so excited about this conversation that the podcast spills over to a video recorded event of Simon Wardley making a Wardley map of the Joekub Podcast. We go full on meta as we begin to feel the potential of Wardley Mapping in real time.  The follow up video of Joe and Jakub mapping is available here: Join us for laughs, amazing stories and lots of insights.  If you'd like to learn how to make your own Wardely Map, check out these resources: intro to Wardley Maps:  make your own maps: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Comic Agilé - In Denmark - Episode 41


    Jakub and Joe fan-boy it up again with an interview with the creators behind the popular agile comic Comic Agilé ( Mikkel Noe-Nygaard & Luxshan Ratnaravi join us from Denmark to share • Their stories about the origin of the comic • How getting feedback from their readers is an addiction • Information about their upcoming book (print & digital) • Many many jokes and laughs Please join Joekub and  Comic Agilé for lots of laughs, lots of jokes, lots of fun. --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Poland - Justyna Pindel - Poland owns Scrum - Episode 40


    This episode is another hop to a different country. One that is close to the heart of Jakub, Poland! We've asked Justyna Pindel to give us a tour of Poland, where it is, when agile began bubbling up in there and also why anyone would want to be an agile practitioner in her home country. Jusyna is an accomplished author (Kanban Compass), Podcaster (Agile Book Club), coach, trainer, event organiser, and also one of the most passionate and fun people we've had on the show yet. In this episode you will: * Learn why Poland owns Scrum
 * How Polilsh history has set them up to be superb agile practitioners
 * Why Justnya wanted to get fired for a good reason
 * Why being a horrible person might be okay
 * Things to consider if you're interested in working in Poland, especially if you are German
 This is a high energy, lots of laughs episode. Please join us in getting to know Justnya and Poland. Links Kanban Compass book with a discount: Agile Book Club --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    PaJoekub - Better Value, Safer, Sooner, Happier - Episode 39


    Joekub again adds Paul Salmon as co-host for another book focused episode of PaJoekub. This episode we focus on the book "Better Value, Sooner, Safer, Happier" by Jonathan Smart. Paul gives Jakub and Joe an overview of the book and then they dive in to test it's message. Find out who PaJoekub thinks the book was written for, the difference between patterns and anti-patterns, what the book says about the importance of psychological safety to a business, and what sooner, safer, happier is referring to. It's a great overview with some deep tasters of what you'll get in the book. Looking for a new read? Have a listen to this episode to hear if this could be the next book you dive into. Link to Amazon book and Audible: Safety Differently - Sydney Dekker - short videos here: The Chapter about the mines was from this book: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Fanboys and Team Topologies - Manuel Pais - Episode 38


    Joekub is taking a break from their trips around the world to sit down with Manuel Pais, co-author of the influential book "Team Topologies". Manuel is kind enough to answer a barrage of questions from Jakub and Joe around why he and Matthew (the other author) decided to write the book, how they've been received, and some of the more deeper thinking around why he thinks the book has gotten people excited in the world of agile. In addition to the amazing insights and glimpses into Team Topologies, you'll get to hear Joe giggle with delight and Jakub squee with joy as these two fellas get to talk to the co-creator of one of their favourite books. If you'd like to get intouch with Manuel, you can look him up on LinkedIn or go to the Team Topologies website to see what they are up to: and if you're interested in apply for there academy you can go here: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Episode 37 - Vietnam - Dr. Cherry Vu & Rob England - agile and social change


    Jokekub does a bit of a sideways hop to get to Vietnam. Founders of Teal Unicorn, Dr. Cherry Vu & Rob England join us from a caravan in the South Island of NZ to share their insights and stories of what it is like to work in Vietnam. Teal Unicorn has clients all over the world, but we asked them to focus on what it is like to introduce agile (little 'a') to Vietnam. • Learn how business agility was introduced in Vietnam in 2018 and what the reaction has been • Hear why they prefer "agile" with a little 'a' and not a big 'A' • Learn how Dr. Cherry Vu got inspired to publish an agile parenting book in Vietnam • Learn what to consider before moving to Vietnam to work your agile magic Teal Unicorn has published a book called "The agile (small a) manager" and they're adventures and more information can be found on their website: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Joekub - agile, life and monkeys podcast

    Episode 36 - South Africa - Peter Hundermark - The great brain drain


    This episode of Joekub, Jakub & Joe find themselves in the complicated and beautiful nation of South Africa (SA). Peter Hundermark, entrepreneur, agile trainer, and consultant shares with us insights about South Africa and his home, Cape Town. Peter is a wonderful storyteller. In our talk we cover: • How did agile come to South Africa • Peter's origin story • The complexity of mixing SA culture and agility • The importance of coaching leaders • The brain drain in SA and how politics and economy influenced it Please join us in welcoming Peter to the Joekub narrative. --- Send in a voice message:

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