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Encore Episode - The Clarity of Seeing Within with Melissa Yahia

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My dear friend and Chakra healer, Melissa Yahia, joins me today to discuss the importance of seeking clarity from within and trusting your intuition. We discuss how she helped me through a period of ‘stuckness’ and how it paved the path to become who I am today. We discuss why intuition and metaphysics are considered ‘taboo’ concepts and why we believe your intuitive connections allow real meaning and happiness to flourish. We discuss why most people need to hit ‘rock bottom’ before discovering a new path toward happiness and fulfillment, how burying feelings like anger impacts your physical, mental, and emotional health, and empathy's role in dealing with these emotions. Melissa also shares her prediction for the future after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided and her advice for reclaiming your power as a human and regain your momentum.

“Trust YOUR inner guide. Trust YOUR information. Trust your intuition.” - Melissa Yahia

This week on Insert:Human

●     How Melissa helped me through my ‘stuckness’ and how it transformed my life

●     Why intuition and metaphysical experiences are considered ‘taboo’ in society and why it’s in these connections that real meaning and happiness can flourish

●     How Melissa found clarity in herself and her life by looking within

●     The concept of The Tree of Empathy and its role in removing deeply buried anger

●     Melissa’s predictions for what the future holds after the COVID-19 pandemic is over

●     Why Melissa believes our true power as human beings is our level of consciousness and awareness

●     Melissa’s advice for getting unstuck and taking back your power to gain momentum

●     The importance of following your intuition and stepping out of your comfort zone


Resources Mentioned:

●     Book: Lotus Flower Living by Julie Matheson

●     Book: Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D


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