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Synergistic effect of Red Light Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with Johannes Kettelhodt

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In this episode I am speaking with Johannes Kettelhodt, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Clearlight Saunas International.

Infra-red saunas and Red Light Therapy are complementary to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and both therapies potentiate each other's effect. In this episode Johannes explains how to use Infra-red and Red Light therapy, its benefits and possible contraindications. Learn about powerful benefits of Infra-red saunas, from weight loss to heavy metal detoxification, muscle pain and arthritis relief, longevity, sleep improvement and hormonal balancing.

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https://www.clearlightinfrarotkabinen.de/ (German)

https://www.clearlightsaunas.eu/ (English)

https://www.infraredsauna.co.uk/ (English for UK)

https://www.infraredsauna.ie/ (English for Ireland)

As always you can book a free HBOT consultation with Dr. Masha, Hyperbaric living Podcast host, to ask questions about hyperbaric therapy and hyperbaric equipment at www.drmasha.com/hbot/


0:00 intro

2:25 Red light therapy 101

6:00The difference between traditional sauna and infra-red sauna

8:18 The main benefits of infra-red sauna

11:07 Different infra-red light wavelengths and their effects

17:49 Space requirements for home infra-red sauna

19:43 How to take your sauna experience to the next level

22:10 Red light therapy effects

27:00 The right way to use Red light therapy

33:00 Contraindications to Red light therapy

36:50 How to combine Hyperbaric Therapy with Infra-red saunas and Red light therapy

39:07 Infra-red saunas and weight loss benefit

This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not substitute a medical advice. The information presented is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner before beginning any natural, complimentary, or conventional treatment.

Now available in video format on Youtube at https://bit.ly/3rFQ56g

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