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One Hyperbaric Therapy session saved necrotic nipple after tummy tuck surgery went wrong. HBOT Patient story

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Remarkable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy story.

In this episode I am speaking with Kassandra from Colorado who suffered complications from tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery and was told that she was going to lose her entire nipple, including areola. In an attempt to save the tissue, she opted for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. She experience a remarkable recovery not only from surgery complications, but also from inflammation associated from autoimmune disease.

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00:00 INTRO

01:10 What happened to Kassandra

04:16 Results after receiving hyperbaric treatment

05:26 Details of hyperbaric protocol that was successful

06:08 Post-HBOT effects

09:35 What was the 1st hyperbaric session like

12:50 Tips to overcome claustrophobia

13:47 Experience at Desert Moon Wellness clinic

Desert Moon Wellness Clinic can be found at www.desertmoonwellness.com

Instagram @desertmoonwellnesslv

Podcast episode with Miesha Tate, former UFC Champion and Co-owner of Desert Moon Wellness Clinic, a place where Kassandra received her hyperbaric treatments

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