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In this episode I am speaking with Honey Rinicella, an executive director of Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs (M.A.P.S.).

MAPS Conference features BIG names in the Pediatric special needs field. Speakers present the latest and greatest research and share their clinical experience and protocols.

In this episode we discuss the specific concern of rising cases of Lyme disease in special needs children population.

Honey Rinicella is a mother of 22-year old twins, who were diagnosed with autism and she is heavily involved in Special Needs community since day one of their diagnosis.


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00:00 M.A.P.S.executive director personal story

02:46 What is M.A.P.S.

04:26 M.A.P.S. benefits for physicians 05:35 Lyme disease in special needs children

16:03 M.A.P.S. benefits for parents

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