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How to combine IV therapy and oral nutritional supplements with Hyperbaric Therapy for the best results with Dr. Paul Anderson

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In this episode I'm speaking with Dr. Paul Anderson about nutritional supplements, IV therapy and hyperbaric oxygentherapy. We discuss in detail which supplements go particularly well with HBOT and how to combine therapies to get the best health outcomes for the patients. Hyperbaric Therapy has many benefits, it lowers inflammation, speeds up healing, and mobilizes stem cell production. When HBOT is combined with nutrient IV and oral supplement therapy its effects could be even greater. In this episode we discuss in detail how to combine HBOT with IV therapy and oral supplementation in: brain injury, infections, cancer, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and surgery recovery. ► Contacts: Dr. Paul Anderson on Instagram: Website: ► Stay Updated With Our 'How to HYPERBARIC' Newsletter: ► To learn how Hyperbaric Therapy can help you and where to start, book your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy consultation with Dr. Masha: ► This podcast season's focus is on natural therapies that can be effectively combined with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Watch all episodes here: TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 INTRO 01:32 How to combine HBOT and IV therapy 13:11 A case of a patient with TBI 17:11 How to prolong oxidative benefits of HBOT with IV therapy 21:50 IV therapy for patients with Fibromyalgia 30:34 How to boost Glutathione production 34:35 Why self-prescribed Supplements can be dangerous 44:29 Advice for home users of HBOT 50:00 Which supplements are Safe to take with HBOT LET'S STAY IN TOUCH: ► How to Hyperbaric on Instagram: ► Subcribe to HOW TO HYPERBARIC Youtube channel: ABOUT ME: I'm Dr. Masha, Naturopathic doctor and Hyperbaric expert. I teach how to integrate natural therapies with lifestyle changes to regain health, live longer and be healthy for as long as possible. I have a special interest in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and I am on a mission to raise awareness about the benefits of HBOT. I host 'How to HYPERBARIC" podcast, a leading podcast about Hyperbaric Therapy. DISCLAIMER: This “How to HYPERBARIC” Podcast is for informational purposes only. Statements and views expressed on this podcast are not medical advice. This podcast disclaims responsibility from any possible adverse effects from the use of information contained herein. Opinions of guests are their own, and this podcast does not accept responsibility for statements made by guests. This podcast does not make any representations or warranties about guests' qualifications or credibility. Individuals on this podcast may have a direct or non-direct interest in products or services referred to herein. If you think you have a medical problem, consult a licensed physician. #hyperbaricoxygentherapy #supplements #ivtherapy #drmasha #hyperbaricchamber #supplements #lymedisease #surgeryrecovery #cancer #braininjury #traumaticbraininjury

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