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How to combine HBOT with Red Light Therapy | ft. Dr. Zayd Ratansi

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⚡️ Get 20% off your red light device using code MASHA20 at Elevate your wellness journey today! ⚡️ ► In this episode, I'm speaking with Dr. Zayd Ratansi, an amazing practitioner with 24 years of experience in hyperbaric therapy and extensive expertise in red light therapy. We discuss the fascinating realm of red light therapy, exploring its main effects, the optimal ways to combine it with hyperbaric therapy, and identifying those who can benefit the most from this innovative approach to wellness. Dr. Zayd Ratansi's website: Dr. Zayd Ratansi on LinkedIn: ► To learn how Hyperbaric Therapy can help you and where to start, book your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy consultation with Dr. Masha: Timestamps: 00:00 - INTRO 01:08 - Main effect of red light therapy 06:29 - Combination of HBOT and red light 12:38 - When is the best time to add red light therapy? 17:09 - Dr. Masha’s personal story of using red light therapy 19:27 - Studies on light therapy benefits 22:14 - Using light therapy to prevent injuries 26:01 - Similarities with HBOT 27:22 - Differences with HBOT 27:52 - Other ways of using both therapies 29:06 - How to choose red light: beds, pads, masks 34:17 - Contraindications 38:32 - Red light therapy for mental health ► Stay Updated With Our 'How to HYPERBARIC' Newsletter:
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