Fueling Success: An Athlete’s Story podcast

Fueling Success: An Athlete’s Story

Derek Lipton MS RD CSSD CSCC

Hi! My name is Derek and I'm a Board Certified Sports Dietitian and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of elite athletes over the years, and have come across some AMAZING stories. Becoming a D1 or Professional athlete is NOT easy by any means! Yet so many young athletes want it so badly. And that's why I started this Podcast! 😄 This podcast will share the stories and insights of Division I and Professional athletes, including what they did to get to this level, the role of nutrition in fueling their success, and the obstacles they faced. The goal of "Fueling Success: An Athletes Story" is to entertain listeners and provide valuable lessons that will help young athletes improve their chances of playing at the next level 💪🏼 New episodes each week!! 😁

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