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Personal Power and Millionaire Standards with Amy Elizabeth

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Today I'm sharing with you a beautiful conversation I had with Amy Elizabeth about personal power and millionaire standards.

Amy is the CEO of the multi-million dollar Human Design brand, Align by Design, where she brings all the elements and integration of Human Design in a way you've never experienced HD before. Amy's work creates transformation based on ease, flow, magnetism and quantum leaps. All of her work is completely centred around integration and embodiment of Human Design. She is an expert in seeing, understanding and creating energetic strategies that will work for your business, based on your own energy.

In this episode, we discover:

  • Amy's journey to living authentically
  • Shifting your identity to create success
  • How important building a support network is for a leader
  • What Millionaire standards look like
  • Balancing being a Mum and business
  • How to make aligned decisions

Connect with Amy on Instagram: @alignbydesignhd and @theamyelizabeth

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Amy's website:

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