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Q&A | Taptuning Tops, Tonewood Myths, Best Guitar Brands, and More!

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In this episode of DIY Guitar Making, I answer YOUR questions!

- Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show
- Favorite Guitar brands/companies
- Fret slotting saws
- Marketing your guitars
- How many pounds of pressure do go-bars produce?
- Inlaying into dark woods as opposed to light woods
- Lazy builders
- Jim Lill debunking electric guitar tonewood debate
- Neck profiling jigs do accomodate all profiles! (I got this wrong in last QA!)
- Am I going to build a 12 string?
- What notes/pitches do you listen for when taptuning?
- What is a leg tapering jig?
- What 'YMMV' means and why I can't keep up with the internet
- Why nobody is watching my Refretting Masterclass video that I worked so damn hard to make!?
- Buying instruments for the aesthetic value of the wood/materials
- Johnson Paste Wax and the Everything Shortage caused by that which shall not be named! 

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