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83. All the Anxiety, Sad Eating and Food Overwhelm

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We are just OVER food right now. So this week, join us to commiserate about how often children need to be fed, but why they don't like the snacks you bought, how boring it is to keep making dinner and what to do about feeding yourself right now, because we're betting it's been a minute since you did that first. 

This episode includes shout-outs to the wisdom of Dr. Rachel Millner, Dr. Katja Rowell and Nicki Sizemore of From Scratch Fast.  

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Our new e-book takes you through 8 concepts that will form the foundation of your understanding of how to feed kids and give you a firm starting point for improving mealtimes in your house. We’re here to reassure and inspire. We’re here to remind you that you’re doing a good job. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone in the daily challenge of feeding your family. We’re here to help.

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