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Episode 49: Purpose Disruptors - What agencies can do when agencies have agency

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“Incremental change isn’t going to work. It's time to move now from shallow small change to systemic change at speed.”

What a way to kick off conversations with marketing pros for 2023 with not one, but three courageous pacesetters leading the way and shaking things up and shining a light on the necessary change required in the advertising industry.

Lisa Merrick Lawless, Rob McFaul and Jonathan Wise, Co-Founders of Purpose Disruptors, an organisation and movement challenging the ad industry to move towards being in service of a thriving future for all.

Diving into latest updates from their advertised emissions research they showcase how in 2019 advertised emissions equated to 186M tonnes and how in 2022, their recent research has seen an 11% increase in advertised emissions in UK… “The more advertising there is, the more sales, the more advertised emissions.”

Findings show that all sectors however, are not equal when it comes to advertised emissions. For example, the automotive industry at only 6% ad spend, actually drives 30% of advertised emissions. Other carbon intensive categories include flying and red meat. The share the idea and radical invitation for the ad industry to come together to ask the government to ban advertising for these carbon intensive industries.

“Can we accept that change requires us to stop things. If the industry can come to terms with that, then we have a great opportunity to let new possibilities come through.”

From our conversation a year ago we revisit progress with regards to their Good Life citizen research and it’s exciting to hear more about their campaign around exploring what 2030 could look like, The Future 2030 campaigns and how they’re exploring business models that require transformational Horizon Three Thinking.

Trust us there is so much wisdom and so many practical insights in this conversation. Far too many to summarise here in the show notes - so our advice is - tune in, you’ll be so glad you did - we guarantee you’ll have questions, feel challenged (in a good way) and be totally inspired to take action.

For more about Purpose Disruptors, their research, meet ups and invitations to get involved visit And for more about The Good Life visit

Enjoy and learn… we certainly did .


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