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Episode 48: Can Marketing Save the Planet? The Story So Far…

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“Sustainability is making marketing exciting again…”

Gemma and I are used to asking the questions on our Can Marketing Save the Planet podcast - but in this episode, we were interviewed for a live ‘MarketingKind Digital Fireside’ session hosted by Caroline Taylor, sustainable marketing trailblazer and former CMO at IBM - together with the wonderful founders of Marketing Kind and a great bunch of marketers.

For those of you that don’t know about MarketingKind… it’s a community of business leaders, marketers and change-makers who come together to make marketing mean more.

You’ll hear us talk about why we wrote our book, what we’ve learned over the past couple of years as our work and worlds have become more embodied in driving education and awareness and necessary change within the marketing profession. What’s surprised us, disheartened us, encouraged us, what we’re teaching, how, where, why - and what’s to come.

It was fun being on this side of the interview for a change - and there was lots to glean from everyone involved in this juicy conversation.

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To find out more and join the MarketingKind community - more info here:

A great way to kick off our 2023 podcast - and needless to say, we’ve got plenty more fantastic guests coming up…


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